Journalism and Creative

An Artist of the Floating World in Hinterland, Issue 1, Spring 2019.

Japan Bookshop Buzzin the Manchester Review, February 2019.


Strictly Belly Dance in  Words and Women Three.

The British bakery that’s big in Japan, The Telegraph, 19 December 2015.


Rent a Vicar in UEA Anthology 2014 Non-Fiction.

Desperate for Students: Exam Season in Japan, Going Down Swinging, 14 May 2014.

University Collaboration in Japan, National Centre for Universities and Business, 23 January 2014.

Beyond Sushi: the attractions of lecturing in Japan, Times Higher Education, 14 November 2013

From Where I Sit – Losing side in the waiting game, Times Higher Education 10 October 2013

From Where I Sit – Stick to the master plan, Times Higher Education, 20 June 2013

From Where I SitComfort Reading, Times Higher Education, 21 March 2013

From Where I SitCulture swap, Times Higher Education, 3 January 2013

From Where I Sit – Female role model, Times Higher Education, 31 May 2012

From Where I Sit –Time’s not on our side, Times Higher Education, 12 April 2012

From Where I Sit – On the outside, looking out, Times Higher Education, 19 January 2012

From Where I Sit – A life still far from normal, Times Higher Education, 27 October 2011

From where I sit – After the quake, we shall carry on, Times Higher Education, 17 March 2011

Desperate Housewives: Japanese Company Wives in England, Being A Broad magazine, September 2010

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